The University of Delhi (DU) is delighted to expand its landscape of e-learning and teaching through One-DU portal. This is a fraternal effort for capacity building. The objectives of launching this digital window are:

  • Promote online education across teaching departments, centers, colleges and other affiliated bodies.
  • Facilitate support structures at various levels to augment online education. 
  • Integrate and unify online teaching activities on one platform.
  • Enhance capacity of the stakeholders to facilitate better utilization of online teaching applications. 
  • Generate and disseminate e-resources.

The essence of the these objectives is to enhance accessibility to learning, foster best practices, and promote professional development, by harnessing the benefits of available educational technologies. The effort will empower the University in its unwavering commitment to impart continuity in academic endeavours.

While it is true that online mode can never be an absolute replacement for the joy and benefits of a traditional face-to-face classroom experience, it can however, certainly empower the learning environment of an educational institution. This effort of DU to consolidate an online learning environment is not intended to replace the usual offline teaching or completely transform the syllabi and lectures into e-content. Under these difficult times of self-isolation, online learning is the best alternative, not only to reach a seeking mind beyond the boundaries of a classroom, but also to sustain academic activities of our Institution. The current phase can be used as an opportunity to impart learning and values through creative online pedagogical tools. An expected corollary of this endeavour is that it will engender institutional preparedness to meet similar unforeseen challenges in future. Also, the online learning environment will enhance flexibility in learning through asynchronous access to study material in the post-pandemic phase.

Undeniably, the success of these objectives rests on a concerted and methodical participation of the three key domains of the University community – students, educators and facilitators. The flow of information in a virtual environment of the community can be effectively realized by committing to a reasonable amount of (i) discipline, which is expected to be more self-regulated; (ii) enthusiasm, which needs to be infectious rather self-oriented; (iii) rigorous interactions across the domains; (iv) willingness to accept challenges and adapt to changes; and (v) creativity to build-up competency in digital learning, tutoring and mentoring.

The guidelines in the form of a Protocol and Best Practices will assist the stakeholders to impart uniformity in dissemination of knowledge through virtual classes, and enable the end-users to reap the benefits of online education in a structured manner.